Technical Assistance and Research for Indian Nutrition and Agriculture (TARINA) is a consortium that connects policy-focused academics from diverse disciplinary perspectives with impact-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and development partners to tackle malnutrition in India. Through its leadership and expertise, the consortium aims to promote a more nutrition-sensitive food system that enhances the availability and affordability of diverse, high-quality and nutrient-rich foods for the rural poor. In view of this goal, TARINA provides a mix of technical assistance, evidence generation and capacity building for the design and implementation of agricultural projects, programs and policies that ensure improved nutrition outcomes.

TARINA was founded under a grant awarded to the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The project was launched on December 1st, 2015 and will run through November 2019.

Events & Activities

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TCI-TARINA to hold workshop on M&E systems for organizational effectiveness

Feb 1, 2017
On February 24, 2017, TCI-TARINA will host a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategy workshop in New Delhi. Dr. Mark Constas (TCI Fellow) and Dr. Prabhu Pingali (TCI Director), both of whom are Professors of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, will lead the workshop titled "M&E Systems for Organizational Effectiveness: Why Organizations Should Care and Strategies for Engagement." Dr. Constas and Dr. Pingali will discuss the components of well-designed M&E systems and the latest technical innovations in evaluation that can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and utility of results. This workshop is the first in a series of events that are offered as a resource for organizations interested in advancing data-based solutions for development effectiveness.

TCI-TARINA and the Institute of Food Security to co-host seminar on India's National Food Security Act

Jan 1, 2017
On February 3, 2017, TCI-TARINA and the Institute of Food Security (Food Corporation of India, FCI) will jointly host a seminar in New Delhi titled the "National Food Security Act (NFSA) and Beyond: Challenges and Opportunities." The day-long seminar will encourage policy experts to view the NFSA through a food systems lens. Among the topics to be discussed are: diversification of agricultural production across India, diversification of crops included in the Public Distribution System (PDS), and reformation of agricultural marketing for a more nutrition-sensitive NFSA. Seminar participants will include key policy experts from the Government of India and state level governments (i.e. the Ministry of Food, FCI, Ministry of Agriculture, and Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices), academia, donor agencies, and civil society organizations.

TCI holds public policy panel discussion in New Delhi on food systems diversity to celebrate the inauguration of TARINA

Aug 15, 2016
A public policy panel discussion on “Promoting Diversity in Food Systems for Improved Nutrition Outcomes in India” was held in New Delhi on August 5th to celebrate the inauguration of the TARINA project. The debate was led by six distinguished speakers representing the government, academic and donor community. Deliberations focused on key challenges that constrain the ability to create a more diversified food system in India, as well as potential opportunities for initiating policy reforms that will help address these challenges in the future. Read more

TARINA in the News

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BioVoice News: TARINA addresses need to enhance access to high quality and value food in India

Aug 8, 2016
From the BioVoice News Desk, "Leading experts from India and abroad gathered in New Delhi recently to deliberate on the important subject of agriculture diversity and its impact on the availability of nutrition to the masses." This was TARINA's inaugural public policy forum. Speakers included Dr. Prabhu Pingali (Director, Tata-Cornell Institute), Dr. Purvi Mehta (BMGF); Mr. Suresh Pal (Member, CACP); Dr. P K Joshi (Director, IFPRI-South Asia); Dr. Ashok Gulati (Infosys Chair Professor, ICRIER); and Dr. Shobha Shetty (Practice Manager, The World Bank-SAO); amongst many others. The event was held on Friday, August 5th. Read more