TCI Interns

TCI runs a summer internship program that places Cornell University masters and professional degree candidates as well as undergraduate students with research internship opportunities across India. Interns work to propel TCI research in any of our main research areas, and specific internships/project opportunities depend on what projects are in need of support. This is a competitive, merit-based internship that requires interns to engage (full-time) over the course of 6-10 weeks in an applied, development-related research project in India. TCI internships typically occur in between May-August. 

Summer 2015 Interns

Congratulations to our 2015 cohort of summer interns. Welcome to the team!

  • Amruta Byatnal, Masters of Public Affairs candidate
  • Dora Heng, B.A., candidate, Economics
  • John Lowry, B.S., candidate, Biology; B.A., candidate, Government
  • Michaela Brown, B.S., candidate, Food Science
  • Olivia Obodoagha, B.S., candidate, Applied Economics and Management
  • Rebecca Chew Min Ting, B.S., candidate, Chemical Engineering
  • Samyuktha Kannan, M.S., candidate, Applied Economics and Management
  • Uttara Gadde, B.S., candidate, Human Biology, Health & Society
  • Wenhai Yang, B.A., candidate, Economics & Computer Science & Mathematics

Summer 2014 Interns

We were delighted to have our inaugural group of TCI Summer Interns who were in the field from June - August 2014. Thanks for your hard work and many contributions!

  • Amrita Rao, B.S., candidate, Applied Economics and Management
  • Andrew Pike, Cornell University B.S., candidate, Applied Economics and Management
  • Katy Merckel, Cornell University M.P.S., candidate, International Development
  • Nathaniel "Alex" Cordova, Masters of Public Administration candidate
  • Christian Dirado-Owens, B.S., candidate, Development Sociology
  • Alexander King, Cornell University B.S., candidate, International Agriculture and Rural Development