Research conducted through the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) includes participation from invited graduate students, Cornell faculty members, permanent TCI staff and individuals associated with various international and Indian institutions and organizations. TCI provides funding support in the form of fellowships and research scholarships for investigating the agriculture-nutrition nexus within the scope of TCI research agenda.

TCI Staff

TCI staff advance the research agenda by supporting TCI Interns, Scholars and Fellows during their fieldwork experiences and through conducting original research and analysis. Staff also develop programs which foment multi-sectoral collaboration with partner institutions and across academic disciplines at Cornell University. They are based in Ithaca, New York and Mumbai, India. 

TCI Fellows

TCI Fellows are TCI funded researchers that include Cornell faculty and staff, post-doctorates, or visiting researchers from other universities or institutions in India or worldwide, who are investigating research questions that align with TCI's key research priorities. Read more about TCI's current fellows.

TCI Visiting Fellows

TCI Visiting Fellows include senior visiting researchers such as Fulbright scholars from other universities or institutions in India or worldwide, whose research areas and topics align with TCI’s key research priorities. 

TCI Scholars

TCI Scholars include Cornell graduate students or Indian university graduate students who are in progress towards a Ph.D, masters, or equivalent degree, who are actively engaged in research aligning with TCI’s key research priorities. Read more about TCI's current scholars.

TCI Interns

TCI also facilitates internships for Cornell University students looking to gain field-experience and work directly with TCI partner organizations.  Read more about TCI's current interns

TCI Advisory Board

TCI is advised by a board of prominent men and women scientists, researchers, and business leaders who are acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities facing Indian development and help shape the strategic vision for TCI.