Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI)

More than Half the Sky

Maharashtra farmer grows sorghum, a traditional grain that is climate-resilient and rich in micronutrients

Midday meals improve nutritional status of school children

TCI works with women’s self-help groups to mobilize change

In India, 75 million women are engaged in the livestock sector (five times more than men)

Women are the backbone of the agricultural workforce

TCI conducts field-based research, including household surveys in rural villages


The Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) is a long-term research initiative focused on solving problems of poverty, malnutrition, and rural development in India.

We are established with a generous gift from the Tata Trust to conduct multidisciplinary research, and to facilitate research grants and fellowships to prominent student and professional researchers at Cornell, in India, and across the globe. Learn more.

Multidisciplinary Research

Led by Dr. Prabhu Pingali, TCI Scholars and Fellows work alongside partner institutions in India and globally to address the agriculture-nutrition nexus. Our research priorities include:


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BioVoice News:TARINA addresses need to enhance access to high quality and value food in India

Aug 8, 2016
From the BioVoice News Desk, "Leading experts from India and abroad gathered in New Delhi recently to deliberate on the important subject of agriculture diversity and its impact on the availability of nutrition to the masses." This was TARINA's inaugural public policy forum. Speakers included Dr. Prabhu Pingali (Director, Tata-Cornell Institute), Dr. Purvi Mehta (BMGF); Mr. Suresh Pal (Member, CACP); Dr. P K Joshi (Director, IFPRI-South Asia); Dr. Ashok Gulati (Infosys Chair Professor, ICRIER); and Dr. Shobha Shetty (Practice Manager, The World Bank-SAO); amongst many others. The event was held on Friday, August 5th. Read more

Joint Tata-Cornell - ICRISAT study shows food gender bias with female adolescents diet deficient despite households being diet sufficient

Aug 3, 2016
The study on understanding the existing patterns of intra household allocation of food and nutrition dynamics was conducted by four students from Cornell University as part of their seven-week TCI summer internship hosted by ICRISAT. Initial findings revealed that female adolescents were diet deficient despite households being diet sufficient, while male adolescents were diet sufficient even if the households were diet deficient. This indicates a clear gender bias in terms of allocation of food and consequently nutrition.
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Inaugural policy panel to launch TARINA in New Delhi this August

Inaugural policy panel to launch TARINA in New Delhi this Summer
May 27, 2016
The TCI is preparing to hold an inaugural policy panel discussion on August 5th in New Delhi to launch the TARINA project. Experts from academia, policymakers, development professionals and the media are expected to take part in the deliberations. The panel discussion will focus on key policy challenges that constrain the project's goal to create a more diversified food system in India for improved nutrition outcomes, and will initiate dialogue around opportunities for evidence-based policy reforms to achieve this goal. More details to come.

The first TCI Distinguished Lecture features Dr. Hans Binswanger-Mkhize

Apr 26, 2016
Dr. Hans Binswanger gave the first TCI Distinguished Lecture on his forthcoming paper entitled The Impact of Urban Growth on Agricultural and Rural Non-Farm Income in Kenya. Dr. Binswanger is among the top ten Agricultural Economists in the World. This first TCI Distinguished Lecture is hosted in conjunction with the Cornell International Institute of Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) and the Dyson Seminar Series. The seminar was held on Monday, April 25, 2016 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm in 401 Warren Hall. 
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